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The "LAPA" Ltd. Belgrade was established in April 2010., registered with the activity: 7022 - Consulting activities related to business and other management. The owner started a self-initiated bussines after years of experience in managing large infrastructure projects, and also the rich experience in designing.

The "LAPA" was named after the aqueduct „Arcos da Lapa” for the water supply of Rio de Janeiro.It is an imposing building (with a height of 17.6 m, 270 m long and 42 port) from the period of colonial Brazil, which is one of the major tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro today.

The company is engaged in engineering and consulting services in the construction bussines. The main activity is the construction and design of hydraulic structures (water, sewer, pumping stations, outlet structures, pontoons, breakwaters), and construction.  Noteworthy is our specialty in working in the trenches at great depths (over 6m) in difficult conditions, in the presence of groundwater.


For the purposes of the Investor, the Company can supervise the construction of all types of buildings.

Employees of the company have 4 personal license for the chief designer and responsible contractors issued by the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (license number 314, 414, 415 and 410) that covers the entire business scope.

Since the establishment, the company participated in the construction of several buildings for renowned investors: Belgrade Land Development Public Agency P.U., Agency for construction of Serbia, the PUC "Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage", the City of Belgrade - Agency for Investment and Housing, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Mercator-S, Strabag, Porr, Clinical Center of Serbia, JKP "Belgrade power plants", PUC " Waterworks and sewerage water" Aleksinac, Paper factory in Belgrade, "Fortress Golubački grad", United Nations Development Programme, Municipality of Varvarin,  PUC  „Vodovod“ Vranje, PUC „Parking servis“ Beograd, „Delta agrar“ d.o.o., „LIDL Srbija“ KD, PUC „Parking servis“ Niš, „Lukoil Srbija“ a.d.

Projects are designed for PUC „Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija“, Direkcija za građevinsko zemljište i izgradnju grada Beograda J.P., MPC, Community of ​​Majdanpek, PUC  „Vodovod“ Mionica, "Fortress Golubački grad", „Lukoil Srbija“ a.d., as well as numerous private investors.

The Company is constantly improving the business environment and relationship of confidence and  trust with  investors, by quality and responsible approach to each contracted work. The company constantly raises the level of offered services by continuous improvement and implementation of former experience.

Special emphasis is on safety and protection of workers and the permanent actions  to preserve the environment.


Because of all the above, Lapa d.o.o. has successfully passed the certification and has the following standards for designing and execution of works:

  1. ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
  2. ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System
  3. ISO 45001: 2018 Safety and Health Management System